Alaska's Turnagain Arm is among those voted as one of the country's most unforgettable, must see areas of Alaska.

Visit Anchorage

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Reasons to visit Anchorage Alaska

Glaciers. Alaska glaciers are everywhere. …
Alyeska Tram
Wildlife Viewing. Anchorage is the best place to see Alaska animals. …
Alaska Native Cultures. …
National Parks. …
Alyeska Tram
The Chugach Mountains. …
Trails & Local Parks. …
How to Catch a Salmon a Short Walk from an Anchorage Hotel. …
Alyeska Tram
Hiking & Ice Climbing.

Anchorage is an urban city and is a hub of operations for most airlines bringing people to Alaska. This is why most people use Anchorage as an anchor or jump off and jump back to base camp. Most people stay at least two to three days in Anchorage and either decide to head north of Anchorage or South. Either way they usually end up back in Anchorage to fly out. Anchorage enjoys easy access to magnificent scenery, adventurous activities, wildlife viewing which all can be found along the Turnagain Arm. Within a 20 to 45 minute drive from Anchorage you could find yourself either in Indian Valley, Girdwood or Portage enjoying hiking, biking, glacier cruises or visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center watching brown bears in that appear to be in the wild. This is because the conservation center and is not set up like a zoo it provides natural settings with plenty of room for their animals roam. At Portage Valley you could find yourself hiking through a tempered rainforest or alpine meadow with pink or purple fields of flowers. Get the most fun out of your time in Anchorage by utilizing the Turnagain Arm Shuttle and use our website to guide you but most importantly do your homework and plan ahead.

People have asked:
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Yes, anchorage is worth a visit. … If you drive south of anchorage you can see Indian Valley, Girdwood, and Portage Valley. Did you know along the Turnagain Arm that there are over 30 tours and activities for you to enjoy? You get the most of Alaska if you stay in Anchorage and travel out on day trips.

2. Is the Turnagain Arm truly a must see destination because it is just outside of Anchorage?2021-04-13T08:22:10+00:00

Yes, absolutely if you miss seeing the Turnagain Arm many will tell you that you missed Alaska! There is so much to see and do on the Turnagain Arm that you almost have to stay in Anchorage no less than five days.

3. How many days should I spend in Anchorage?2021-04-13T08:24:01+00:00

3 to 4 days at least. It will take you at least two days to visit Turnagain Arm. Then you will want to take a city tour or enjoy the Alaska Native Heritage Center or the Museum. Bicycle tours along the Tony Knowles trail is a must as you are bound to see a moose. Who wouldn’t want to see a moose? Many have even seen Black Bears, Lynx, coyotes and fox. Rent your bikes here.

Minimum Stay. 3 to 4 days, though there’s plenty to explore if you want to stay longer. Many visitors to Anchorage choose to spend the allotted time here, using the city as a launching pad. However, there is plenty to do in Alaska.

4. What month is the hottest in Alaska?2021-04-13T08:26:27+00:00


In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 65.3°F.

Here we will put the two tours offered by Alaska’s Finest Tours:

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