Pick up and drop off locations


We pick and drop off at the Anchorage Downtown Visitors Center located at 524 W. 4th Avenue adjacent to the log cabin. There is no parking so please find one of the many parking garage within 2 blocks of the area. We board and depart on time in order to keep a schedule so please be ready in front 10 minutes prior. If we have everyone we will leave. Please look for the silver van with a brown bear on the rear end of the shuttle. The visitor’s center does not work for the Turnagain Arm Shuttle we only pick up at the location as it is centrally located. If you have questions please ask your driver or a representative in the area. The log cabin is where they have a nostalgic place for you to ask question from the volunteers. Behind the log cabin is a brochure distribution center where you can browse for many activities and restaurants located in South Central Alaska. Please be ready as your driver will not look for you. Treat it as if it were your city bus and as you know that bus driver never looks for others. Shuttle tickets are non-refundable.


It is called Girdwood Station because the mall is connected to a gas station and is where the hub of tourism can be found. It is also the pick-up/drop-off location for the Glacier City Valley Transit (hyper link) which is a FREE bus service with various stops in Girdwood. Most of our passengers going to Girdwood will want to familiarize yourself with the service and print their schedule. The Turnagain Arm Shuttle does not service Girdwood it only connects you with the local bus which runs every 15 minutes. Please plan around the local shuttle bus schedule to ensure you get your return shuttle back to Anchorage. The shuttle absolutely cannot wait for last minute connections so please be early rather than late. If you miss the shuttle you will need to arrange other transportation back to Anchorage and all shuttle tickets are non-refundable. If you have a bike be especially early as you will need to load your bike securely to the back of the shuttle. The shuttle must keep on schedule to remain a viable and reliable service for the area known as Turnagain Arm. Be ready – Shuttle tickets are non-refundable.


We make stops across from the Brown Bear Saloon southbound and in the parking lot of the Brown Bear Saloon on the return to Anchorage. Most passengers making this stop will want to bike or hike the area or walk the path back to the Indian Valley Goldmine to try their luck at Goldpanning. During later par of June -July you may want to fish at Bird Creek when four species of salmon are running. If you bike we suggest you bike to Girdwood as it is one of the most scenic bike trails. Then enjoy all that Girdwood has to offer. On our website you can visit Indian to Girdwood Self-Guided Bike for more info. (hyper link) Remember treat this as if you are waiting for a city bus and as you know they do not look for passengers. You must be ready – shuttle tickets are non-refundable. If you miss the bus you will need to find alternate transportation if other shuttles are sold out.


We pick up and drop off at the Portage Glacier Day Lodge which is open daily during summer season at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. Customers who choose the last return may need to wait outside under the awning of the Portage Glacier Day Lodge. This is a tempered rainforest area so be prepared for inclement weather. Speaking of rainforest, do not forget to take the Gary Williams trail to experience the walk in the rainforest. It is spectacular at a sight not to miss. It is just a five minute walk behind the lodge and then watch for the signs and turn right. It is just a loop with easy access short stair case to a beautiful overlook looking down on Portage Lake and its majestic mountains and glaciers surrounding the area. Time yourself accordingly as your shuttle will not wait and will not be looking for you. So when it pulls up go to it as if you’re catching the city bus in your town. If you miss the shuttle you will have to arrange your own transportation back and your shuttle ticket is non-refundable.

Note: If the vehicle is running late due to unforeseeable conditions please call us at 907-764-2067. Please give the vehicle at least 15 minutes after departure time prior to calling as your driver may just be running behind. If we know something ahead of time we will call or text you to alert you of problems.